"Ideal Bite" makes Going Green alot more fun ~ And now an "Ideal Bite" for the younger Mamas!

FYI ~ "Ideal Bite" was sold and is no longer in business! I was sorry to hear that because they had alot of wonderful, funny and helpful information!!

"Ideal Bite" ~ A fabulous place to find Eco-friendly tips everyday on making "Going Green" a lot easier! (One of the founders of Ideal Bite is the daughter of one of my friends!) They have been seen recently on The View and lots of other places! (I have one of their widgets here on the right column of my Blog) ~ New for 2009 is "Ideal Bite for Mamas" ~ a free source of green advice for real moms (or baby bumpers!) leading busy lives. They will . . . "give you the scoop on everything from junk in the trunk (we're talkin' chems in disposable diapers that aren't great for babies, baby daddies, or Mama Earth), to safe alternatives to conventional plastic toys!" Sign up to receive their daily tips or place the new widget for Mamas on your Blog! I'm an older Diva Mama - ha! But I know that there are many young Mamas out here Blogging away! So check it girls ~ You'll LOVE "IdealBite"!

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