Eat lots of Candy!
Dress up as wild as you can!
Watch out for all the Trick-or-Treaters and PLEASE,
Keep those Jack-O-Lanterns burning brightly!

(A friend send me this pic and I love it ~ See you in November!)


It's still October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Although I'm a week late for "Feel Your Boobies Week" ~ I still wanted to share with everyone this wonderful site ~ "FeelYourBoobies.com" ~ dedicated to increasing awareness of Breast Cancer! Leigh Hurst is the founder and has an amazing story . . . . She says: "Why Feel Your Boobies®? Because you do it everyday anyway, right? Oh come on…sure you do! You take a shower, you feel your boobies. You get dressed, you feel your boobies. Since you know your body better than anyone else does, why not just take a little extra time to really “feel your boobies”. Give those “girls” the attention they deserve. After all, getting in the habit of knowing what’s normal for you increases the chance of noticing changes in your breasts if they occur. If a change does occur it’s important to tell a doctor or clinician immediately so they can determine if more tests are necessary. " ~ As yet another friend of mine has been recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer, please, please everyone ~ Check this site and Feel Your Boobies!

So let's go girls ~ Take a Peek at this awesome website and remember, "Feel Your Boobies"!!


Check Back Soon for some great Finds!

While I'm gone on business until Sunday, just wanted to let you know about some of the cool "finds" I've come across and will be posting about when I return. The Bungalow Totes are the greatest. . . so many yummy colors, shapes, and sizes. . . I want one of each! So don't stay away while I'm gone ~ You'll find lots of fun things if you browe the older Posts too! See you Soon.


Early Holiday Shopping? You bet. . . Check it out at OLLIE MCKAY'S Chic Boutique

I know, I know. . . enough of the Polyvore pics for now ~ eh??!! I just love that thing and all the amazing pics and collages you can create. Promise not to use it again for at least a few Posts! Seriously, though, if you haven't tried Polyvore, head on over there and be prepared to spend a few hours!


Love those Fall Colors

Do you love all the fall colors as much as I do? Everything blends together so well. . . .the air is crisp and clean. . . and oranges, browns, reds, khakis and tans never looked so good together! Be sure to buy yourself at least one new fall item and get on the Autumn bandwagon!


What is "Dokedo" naturally scented play putty?

In my online travels over the wk-end, I came across several unusual products! One of these looks to yummy to resist!
"Dokedo™ (doe-key-doe ) naturally scented play putty is a natural way to enhance mood, relieve stress, and help concentration, mind, body and soul. It stretches, rolls, drips, bounces, breaks, twists, molds, textures, crackles, bubbles, bends, snaps and smells great! Dokedo™ is fun and relaxing for kids and adults" ~ so says the Dokedo™ website! Wow ~ sounds cool! Don't we all remember playing with Silly Putty in our younger days? Well this is just a modernized version of that old beloved glob! This naturally scented play putty comes in wonderful colors and scents and is packaged in fun little containers. I can't wait to try some out . . . . . . first I have to decide on which one of those lucious smells I want . . . . . Citrus Circus . . . . Boy O Boysenberry . . . . Hello Marshmellow. . . . . .?????


It's officially Autumn!

WooHoo ~ Summer's already over and it is officially Fall! Can't believe it! I love Fall and the way the air looks and smells ~ so crisp and clean. . . Hmmmmmm! However, just so you know, I don't wish to hurry the winter season upon us! On that note, the cooler days are coming whether we like it or not! Be prepared and look Chic at the same time with a pair of the fun magic gloves from OLLIE MCKAY'S Chic Boutique ~ These come in lots of cool colors! They are warm and fun to wear ~ I always get so many comments on them! So take a peek and grab a pair or two ~ OLLIE has put them on sale so you can get a pair for yourself and give one as gift too!