What is "Dokedo" naturally scented play putty?

In my online travels over the wk-end, I came across several unusual products! One of these looks to yummy to resist!
"Dokedo™ (doe-key-doe ) naturally scented play putty is a natural way to enhance mood, relieve stress, and help concentration, mind, body and soul. It stretches, rolls, drips, bounces, breaks, twists, molds, textures, crackles, bubbles, bends, snaps and smells great! Dokedo™ is fun and relaxing for kids and adults" ~ so says the Dokedo™ website! Wow ~ sounds cool! Don't we all remember playing with Silly Putty in our younger days? Well this is just a modernized version of that old beloved glob! This naturally scented play putty comes in wonderful colors and scents and is packaged in fun little containers. I can't wait to try some out . . . . . . first I have to decide on which one of those lucious smells I want . . . . . Citrus Circus . . . . Boy O Boysenberry . . . . Hello Marshmellow. . . . . .?????

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ShesDaily.com said...

These putty's sound really fun and they sure seem to smell great too. Im going to go visit the website and read more about them.
Color, Color, is what I like.
Great Post!

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