Let The Madness Begin!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you each remembered to be thankful for all the MANY blessings that are bestowed upon us each day. I pray that we all have Strength, Courage and HOPE every day ~ Especially HOPE, for without it ~ we have nothing!

Happy Monday to all! ~ LET THE MADNESS BEGIN!

Time to check out lots of new items I have at OLLIE MCKAY'S Chic Boutique! ~ Just in time for your online holiday shopping! It's so much easier to do at least SOME of your shopping online!! I will be posting new Gift Ideas each day ~ So keep checking back with us!! (Click on pics below for more product info and/or ordering info.)


Aloha Friday!!

TGIF and "Aloha Friday" at that! I have decided that my post from yesterday will be my Aloha Friday ~ No questions asked! (But of course I hope you will still leave your name and comments!) It's such an important issue and I would love to share it with more people and get the word out more about "Beyond Boobs" too! So, ladies, get your mammograms, do your self-checks ~ stay healthy! Happy Friday and have a great wk-end! And don't forget to head over to "An Island Life" to read more about
Aloha Fridays!

Read Post below ~ "Keep Doing Your Mammograms Ladies!"


Keep Doing your Mammograms Ladies!!

Lots of uproar about the NEW (?????) recommendations coming out this week regarding Mammograms ~ As well there should be! Wait until your 50?? Are you kidding me??!! Tell that to all the people that belong to a fabulous organization here in Virginia called "BEYOND BOOBS"!!
"Their qualifications for membership are simple: You must be a survivor of breast cancer and you must be young (diagnosed before menopause.)
These dynamic women sought each other out because they are a unique subset of their generation, with concerns, fears, and needs foreign to most of their other friends. They share jaunty hats, babysitting services, healthy recipes, much laughter and many tears. With their paradigms not just shifted but fractured and re-set, they have come together to cherish and support one another. They are also passionate advocates for early detection and diagnosis for everyone, whatever their age. All are freshly aware that our tomorrows are not a given and are determined to maximize today and improve the future, both for themselves and for others. Their goal is to reach women on every college campus, newlyweds at the gynecologist's office, and young moms in line at the grocery store!!!"

I am friends with some of these fabulous women and I am also a cancer survivor going on 4 yrs now!! (not breast cancer) This issue is too important to just ignore!! Keep fighting ladies! Check out their website!
Buy a calendar!! Get your Mammograms on time! And send out tons of love and prayers and Strength, Courage and Hope (always HOPE ~ without HOPE we have nothing!!!)


Chick Flick Friday ~ And Aloha Friday too!

"Chick Flick Friday"
(Has this been around awhile?? First I've heard of it ~ found it over at "All Stace, All the Time"! A great blog, by the way!) My pick for Chick Flick Friday is "Boys on The Side" ~ a fabulous movie ~ rent it soon ~ the soundtrack is awesome ~ "You Got It" is my favorite (Bonnie Raitt, Roy Orbison)_________________________________________________________________

Ahhh. . . . it IS Friday ~ HOOAH! and also time for "Aloha Friday" ~ So PLEASE leave us a comment and tell us your favorite Chick Flick and also head on over to "An Island Life" for more "Aloha Friday"!!


NEW Bungalow Scout Totes and Bags ~ HOOAH! & WORDLESS WEDNESDAY too!

Lots of NEW Bungalow Scout items coming in to The Chic Boutique!! ~ Festive and fun ~ Great gifts! Check back often ~ new items from another fun line coming in later this week!

We give thanks to all of you who have serv
ed our country!


We're back!!!

Wow ~ We sure didn't plan to take a 3 month hiatus ~ Things just got too busy with work, family and life! Hope you will start to follow us again soon ~ Have some great new products coming on the Boutique's website as well ~ So stay dialed in!

A new "find" to start your week off well!

"Never Pay Retail Again.net"

"This site has a combination of "how to" lessons, coupon match ups for many of the stores that you already frequent, freebies, restaurant deals, recipes, as well as online and printable coupons for everything from groceries to toiletries to clothing and department stores-- and everything in between." So if you haven't discovered this great site yet. . . take a peek and you'll be hooked!

Enjoy and check back with OLLIE MCKAY'S Chic Boutique Blog soon!