Aloha Friday!!

TGIF and "Aloha Friday" at that! I have decided that my post from yesterday will be my Aloha Friday ~ No questions asked! (But of course I hope you will still leave your name and comments!) It's such an important issue and I would love to share it with more people and get the word out more about "Beyond Boobs" too! So, ladies, get your mammograms, do your self-checks ~ stay healthy! Happy Friday and have a great wk-end! And don't forget to head over to "An Island Life" to read more about
Aloha Fridays!

Read Post below ~ "Keep Doing Your Mammograms Ladies!"


Charlie said...

Hi and thanks for stopping by for a visit to my blog.
I agree we all need to continue to do our mammograms. What is going on??? Now they are telling us we don't need to get cervical checks each year!
Well anyway have a great weekend.

Duni said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and your very kind comment. I appreciate it more than I can say...

well, the lump turned out to be an athenoma - I am going to get a second opinion as to whether surgery is necessary, and other options there might be.

I admire your strength and wish you continued health and happiness.



Jennifer said...

Happy Friday!

KIKI said...

I've just been last week. All is good!

Loving Life in Southern California! said...

Have a great Thanksgiving!