Summer Flip-Flops & Sandals

Okay, so it is August already! But we still have lots of summer left! Anyhow, no worries as the weather gets cooler ~ I can often be found in the winter (Yes, I know, winters in Virginia aren't usually blizzard type conditions!) shopping at the local Fresh Market wearing nothing but one of my Fav flip-flops!! So get yourself a pair of stylin' sandals or flip-flops! This beaded style comes in three colors ~ and they are only $15.00 at "Sandals So Cute" !

"Just Married Wedding Flip Flops" will definitely add some fun and a little romance on your honeymoon or anytime you're on the beach! Each pair of these flip-flops leaves an impression in the sand with the words "Just Married", which is also printed on the plastic straps on top. Foam rubber soles are ¾" thick. On sale for only $9.95 at "WeDoWed.com"!!

Try Teva Ulani Flip Flops! I Love them ~ Totally comfortable ~ only $17.95 at "Shoes.com"

Everybody love the Havaiana Flip Flops! Havaianas are made of 100% Brazilian rubber, are super-comfy and come in exciting color combinations. A real steal at only $12.00 ~ find them at "SurfWearHawaii.com"!