You KNOW what day it is!! Aloha Friday means the start of my weekend (and yours too!!) so I always look forward to it!! Don't forget to visit An Island Life for more on Aloha Friday and more participants!!!
My Question this week is:
Do you do any Volunteer work and, if so, where?
(my answer is: Yes, but not as much as I would like to or used to! I am on the Recreation committee in our large neighborhood area, and we help support many functions for kids and adults alike. But I want to get more involved in other things again too ~ so many opportunities out there for all of us to HELP one another!)


WORDLESS WEDNESDAY & Sizzlin' Summer Finds . . . . Take 2

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Cool down as you think about some "back to school" fun ~ August IS just right around the corner ~ Be prepared!
These are our Flip Notes ~ Perfect Size fits into even the small purse! Jot down notes & you'll never forget your Wish Lists! (From the "WellSpring" product line)
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Flip Notes are in a Metal case with blank note pad and retractable pen. Note pad is perforated. Great for purses, backpacks and briefcases!
(4 3/8" x 2 3/4" and Great Price Pt. at only $7 each!!)

WELLSPRING products are FUN and bring art and organization to every day life. They have created other great fun and functional gifts
Address Books, Flip Notes w/Pens, Flip Cases, Pill Boxes