As the Year Comes to a Close . . . .

Girly Quotes

Dec. 30th . . Wow. . . where did the year go??!! So, as 2008 comes to a close, take a little time out from Shopping and recovering from the hectic holidays. . . . and reflect back on your year. . be grateful for all that you have and be good to all those you love!!!

Girly Quotes


Countdown to 2009 ~ A New Year filled with Peace and Hope for all!

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and all the festivities that go along with the holiday! Sometimes it can be overwhelming ~ My favorite part is actually all the fun getting ready for Christmas and all the activities going on from Thanksgiving and after! The "After Christmas Burn" is actually a tad bit of a let down, but I know it's coming and so . . . it's time to move forward once again. . .to a New Year filled with Hope and Love and Peace for all. So . . . . Happy 2009 to everyone and may you and your families all be blessed with good health and happiness!

With that in mind, I ran across the neatest online "shop" ~ they sell cute tins filled with inspirational note tags to keep for yourself or give to others! What a cool idea! It's called "inspired designs" ~ where inspiration meets design! "Hooray For You! note tags" are an easy way to brighten someone’s day and spread joy into busy lives. Packaged in a fun, re-usable round tin are 12 note tags with vibrant graphics and inspiring quotes together with 12 ribbons. Toss a tin in your handbag, your car, kitchen drawer or your office desk for those spontaneous moments. Just pull out a Hooray note tag and start spreading some kindness. One person can make a difference...and that can be you! With Hooray For You!™ you can acknowledge every person in your life!


Happy Anniversary to Us!

Happy Anniversary Babe ~ Thanks for 31 Beautiful Years!!!

Had to take the ElfDance video off, because it was really slowing down the opening of my Blog! For those who would like to see it, Click Here!! This website, ElfYourself from JibJab is so much fun! Try it - it's free!


Winter Never Looked so Good!

I love combining the Colors of Red, White and Black in the winter. It makes me feel all warm and cozy! You can find such a stash of fun clothing items online; so I picked out a few of my favorites ~ What do you think? All these items are very reasonably priced and would look fabulous on each of you ~ Go ahead. . . make a statement ~ and remember ~ Style Is. . . Whatever you want it to be!! Happy Shopping! (Clicking on each item will give you shopping locations.)


Festive Ideas just keep on coming. . . !!!

Crate&Barrel just keeps sending me catalogs ~ and now they are having some great Sales and also Free Shipping on orders over $100 ~ WooHoo!! I am 2 wedding gifts behind ~ (although my friend insists that you have 1 year from date of wedding to send a gift??? Is this true?? If so, then I am waaayyy on the safe side - ha!) so have picked out some very fun Christmas things to send! Think I will put this Reindeer collection on my own list too!

Found this adorable Mini Bottle with Cork Necklace the other day and wouldn't you know it ~ I now can't remember which website I was on! I will keep looking and get back to you on this one!

However, I have found several other sites that have similar necklaces ~ Take a peek ~ These would make adorable stocking stuffers or wonderful last minute gift for someone on your list! This one is from Faerie Winds Magical Handcrafted Jewelry!

Happy Shopping ~ Still lots of time for all those last minute gifts!


Blogs are FILLED with great Holiday Info!

There are sooo many fantastic Blogs out there and this time of year that are filled with a wealth of great Holiday info. . . so when you have a few minutes to spare ( I know. . . there just aren't too many spare moments right now!) ~ Don't forget about ShesDaily.com!! Her post on Monday was about Tizzalicious ~ a wonderful shop filled with Handmade Goodies and other fun items!! So get right over to ShesDaily.com for ALWAYS new girly updates & products! ( I love this cute Christmas Pic she has today on her post!!)


More Great Gift Ideas!

Like everyone else. . . . . I'm always looking for ideas that are unique and unusual/different for Christmas. Found some amazing Copper and Silver ornaments from a wonderful Etsy Artist! Her Shop is called "Aquabeet" and can be found on the Etsy website. The price points are very reasonable ~ The Peace Dove Ornaments are only $12.00 and the plain Star is only $5.00!! It can also be personalized as you wish! If you ordered something in the next few days, I think you would be able to get it by Christmas for sure! Happy Shopping!

This artist also has some fabulous Earrings!! These Earrings are made of sterling silver and brass. They feature a cube of sterling silver framed by a square of brass that sticks out about 1/8" and the Artist forms her own ear wires ~ Wrap these up and put them under the tree!


Fun Things to Share!!

Wow ~ Thanksgiving was great and now it's already Dec. 5th ~ Too much to do . . . not enough time! Same old story every year - eh??!!

I ran across some really cool things to share ~ in case you have spare time! Found an article recently in the local paper about a wonderful website called "Spoonflower" ~ maybe some of you are aware of this site already, but it was totally new to me! This online business lets you upload your own design to be printed on cotton fabric! Then you have your own custom fabric to create your own projects ~ how cool is this! My mind is racing with Christmas ideas & projects you could do with this, so I have earmarked them for next Christmas season (when I have more time) and will get a head start in the summer! You can create designs in Photoshop or they also list several FREE design programs in their FAQ section. Check them out at www.spoonflower.com and happy creating!


Check out Sahalie.com if your are looking for unique stocking stuffers or fun gifts!! "Sahalie ~ Getting Off The Beaten Path" has been around since 1972 and each year has a great assortment of gift ideas ~ not to mention clothing and outerwear galore!

Sahalie also has some very unique jewelry! One of my favorites is the "Seek⁄Find Charm Necklace" with a real compass! "Simple, symbolic and pretty, our pewter pendant inspires with the phrase “Seek and you shall find”. Necklace is functional, too, with a white-bronze framed compass. Both charms hang from a 17-inch ball-style chain. Necklace is handmade in New Mexico."


Brrr . . . Baby It's Cold Outside!

Feelin' cold on those chilly morning power walks? Stay warm with these wonderful "magic" ~ (as in one size truly fits all!) ~ gloves. Bright, Bold and Beautiful ~ A fun accessory ~ Warm and fuzzy and the most comfortable gloves you'll ever wear. Made with a combination of colorful Eyelash and Boucle yarns!! And best of all, they have been marked down!! ~ Order yours while they're still available at the Chic Boutique!


As we approach Thanksgiving . . . .

As we approach the day of blessings ~ Thanksgiving ~ I think many of us find ourselves looking "inward" (at least I hope we all do!!) ~ And being thankful for the blessings we do have and searching for ways to be more giving to others and those in need. I think it is also a good time to slow down and look into your own spirituality.

Author of "The First 30 Days", Ariane de Bonovoisin, responded to some questions with some wonderful thoughts for all of us: "Embracing your spirituality will help you feel happier and less stressed. I say that if life is a plate piled with friends, family, career, and hobbies, then the plate should be your spirituality ~ the solid part of your life that doesn't move, no matter what gets threatened or taken away. If you have your spirituality as support, you can handle whatever life throws your way." Beautiful words to grasp onto!!

P.S. Don't forget to leave me GIFT IDEAS to be included in a free give-away from Ollie Mckay's! People have been leaving comments on the previous post, but no gift ideas for a fun Polyvore??!! :(


Drink Up! (Scroll down a tad for a Chance at FREE Giveaway!!!)

These are the COOLEST COFFEE TUMBLERS!! Top quality insulative Dual wall Travel Tumblers -6-1/2"H x 3" diameter. Includes rubber inner seal to prevent leaking.Nice rubber gripping around lid. Includes fashion fabric insert backed with bonding fabric. A great deal at $12.00 each and gift packaging is included! *Click on Pics for more info & where to buy! *

Santa Clause is coming to town. . . . . . !!!
I know. . . It's too soon to be thinking of Christmas. . . .but it is just right around the corner! Please send me any cool gift ideas you may have. . . . . I will be making a COOL Polyvore with great Christmas Gift Ideas! Everyone that sends a Gift Item idea (by Thanksgiving, please!) will be thrown in the hat for a drawing for a fun, FREE Holiday gift from Ollie's Boutique!!



Thank you for your service to our country. We join the rest of the nation on Veterans Day in remembering the sacrifices of America's 25 million veterans and expressing our appreciation for your service.
(with special thanks to my PaPa and Hubby!!)


She finds a great site. . . . . The SheFinds.com Blog!

Some of you have joined SheFinds.com, I'm sure! But for those who haven't found your way to their Blog, you will love all the info they have posted! There are Forums for lots of things: (1) Announce upcoming events, new products, new sites, new shipments of sold-out items -- anything timely you would like to share. (2) Found a sale to share? Got a favorite outlet we should know about? Post a coupon code, sample sale info and share your secrets for shopping steals. (3) Events ~ Got something cool going on in your 'hood? Post it here and invite SheFinds readers. (4) Finds & Solutions ~ The best push-up bra? Amazing shoe cleaner? Do you know about a beauty or fashion miracle product - post it here! And lots more! A great way to increase your networking for your business, yourself or just to share lots of fun diva facts!

"Paperlicious Hip Invites and Notes" is a great online shop I found thru Shefinds Forum! They have some fun Holiday Gift Tags ~ Packages of 10 Flat cards go for $4.99! Very Festive!

Everyone is familiar with Etsy ~ right?! Hand-crafted delights galore!! It's actually almost overwhelming, but when you take a little extra time to search their site, you will be amazed at the Finds! Like "Wimsy Folk Art Creations" ~ They specialize in acrylic paintings on canvas, canvas board, 100 yr old barn wood and antique boxes. They also adore nature and make beautiful altered art jewelry and glass lampwork jewelry that honors nature, fun, animals and color!


Fun Finds You Won't Want to Miss!

"Over The Top Aprons" ~ I keep running across this cute Blog, and see they have their new website up & are adding their products!! You will love these Aprons!! What a fun NEW idea for Bridal Shower gifts, Stocking Stuffers, Gift ideas for Gift Exchanges etc.! " 'Over The Top Aprons' has the look to express your style what ever the occasion. Be it cleaning, cooking,or entertaining, "Over The Top Aprons" are designed to make you feel special, look special. You can count on these aprons to set you apart from all the others; why? Because these aprons are just a little bit "Over The Top". . "


YES ~ The Bungalow Scout Totes & Bags are here!

The Bungalow Scout Totes are here! We have several fun prints to choose from as well as several different styles & sizes. All Products are made of durable polywoven fabric and are water resistant! Handles and bottom are leatherette reinforced and best of all ~ They wipe clean easily! Click the pictures to go directly to the Boutique and begin shopping! 15% Discount on ANY ENTIRE order by using the CODE "event" in the discount code box during your check-out! A good time to do a little early Holiday shopping perhaps??!!



Eat lots of Candy!
Dress up as wild as you can!
Watch out for all the Trick-or-Treaters and PLEASE,
Keep those Jack-O-Lanterns burning brightly!

(A friend send me this pic and I love it ~ See you in November!)


It's still October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Although I'm a week late for "Feel Your Boobies Week" ~ I still wanted to share with everyone this wonderful site ~ "FeelYourBoobies.com" ~ dedicated to increasing awareness of Breast Cancer! Leigh Hurst is the founder and has an amazing story . . . . She says: "Why Feel Your Boobies®? Because you do it everyday anyway, right? Oh come on…sure you do! You take a shower, you feel your boobies. You get dressed, you feel your boobies. Since you know your body better than anyone else does, why not just take a little extra time to really “feel your boobies”. Give those “girls” the attention they deserve. After all, getting in the habit of knowing what’s normal for you increases the chance of noticing changes in your breasts if they occur. If a change does occur it’s important to tell a doctor or clinician immediately so they can determine if more tests are necessary. " ~ As yet another friend of mine has been recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer, please, please everyone ~ Check this site and Feel Your Boobies!

So let's go girls ~ Take a Peek at this awesome website and remember, "Feel Your Boobies"!!


Check Back Soon for some great Finds!

While I'm gone on business until Sunday, just wanted to let you know about some of the cool "finds" I've come across and will be posting about when I return. The Bungalow Totes are the greatest. . . so many yummy colors, shapes, and sizes. . . I want one of each! So don't stay away while I'm gone ~ You'll find lots of fun things if you browe the older Posts too! See you Soon.


Early Holiday Shopping? You bet. . . Check it out at OLLIE MCKAY'S Chic Boutique

I know, I know. . . enough of the Polyvore pics for now ~ eh??!! I just love that thing and all the amazing pics and collages you can create. Promise not to use it again for at least a few Posts! Seriously, though, if you haven't tried Polyvore, head on over there and be prepared to spend a few hours!


Love those Fall Colors

Do you love all the fall colors as much as I do? Everything blends together so well. . . .the air is crisp and clean. . . and oranges, browns, reds, khakis and tans never looked so good together! Be sure to buy yourself at least one new fall item and get on the Autumn bandwagon!


What is "Dokedo" naturally scented play putty?

In my online travels over the wk-end, I came across several unusual products! One of these looks to yummy to resist!
"Dokedo™ (doe-key-doe ) naturally scented play putty is a natural way to enhance mood, relieve stress, and help concentration, mind, body and soul. It stretches, rolls, drips, bounces, breaks, twists, molds, textures, crackles, bubbles, bends, snaps and smells great! Dokedo™ is fun and relaxing for kids and adults" ~ so says the Dokedo™ website! Wow ~ sounds cool! Don't we all remember playing with Silly Putty in our younger days? Well this is just a modernized version of that old beloved glob! This naturally scented play putty comes in wonderful colors and scents and is packaged in fun little containers. I can't wait to try some out . . . . . . first I have to decide on which one of those lucious smells I want . . . . . Citrus Circus . . . . Boy O Boysenberry . . . . Hello Marshmellow. . . . . .?????


It's officially Autumn!

WooHoo ~ Summer's already over and it is officially Fall! Can't believe it! I love Fall and the way the air looks and smells ~ so crisp and clean. . . Hmmmmmm! However, just so you know, I don't wish to hurry the winter season upon us! On that note, the cooler days are coming whether we like it or not! Be prepared and look Chic at the same time with a pair of the fun magic gloves from OLLIE MCKAY'S Chic Boutique ~ These come in lots of cool colors! They are warm and fun to wear ~ I always get so many comments on them! So take a peek and grab a pair or two ~ OLLIE has put them on sale so you can get a pair for yourself and give one as gift too!