Countdown to 2009 ~ A New Year filled with Peace and Hope for all!

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and all the festivities that go along with the holiday! Sometimes it can be overwhelming ~ My favorite part is actually all the fun getting ready for Christmas and all the activities going on from Thanksgiving and after! The "After Christmas Burn" is actually a tad bit of a let down, but I know it's coming and so . . . it's time to move forward once again. . .to a New Year filled with Hope and Love and Peace for all. So . . . . Happy 2009 to everyone and may you and your families all be blessed with good health and happiness!

With that in mind, I ran across the neatest online "shop" ~ they sell cute tins filled with inspirational note tags to keep for yourself or give to others! What a cool idea! It's called "inspired designs" ~ where inspiration meets design! "Hooray For You! note tags" are an easy way to brighten someone’s day and spread joy into busy lives. Packaged in a fun, re-usable round tin are 12 note tags with vibrant graphics and inspiring quotes together with 12 ribbons. Toss a tin in your handbag, your car, kitchen drawer or your office desk for those spontaneous moments. Just pull out a Hooray note tag and start spreading some kindness. One person can make a difference...and that can be you! With Hooray For You!™ you can acknowledge every person in your life!


Krissy and Angela said...

Hi! I saw you dropped by to drop your ecard...Ours is on the left side bar.
Hopefully it shows up! I dropped another on you :)

Miriam said...

Hi Ollie. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting :) I'm glad you like the jewelry I offer.

I love your website - you've got a great array of products to choose from. These tins with notes featured in this post are cute too.

Have a happy and safe New Year!