More Great Gift Ideas!

Like everyone else. . . . . I'm always looking for ideas that are unique and unusual/different for Christmas. Found some amazing Copper and Silver ornaments from a wonderful Etsy Artist! Her Shop is called "Aquabeet" and can be found on the Etsy website. The price points are very reasonable ~ The Peace Dove Ornaments are only $12.00 and the plain Star is only $5.00!! It can also be personalized as you wish! If you ordered something in the next few days, I think you would be able to get it by Christmas for sure! Happy Shopping!

This artist also has some fabulous Earrings!! These Earrings are made of sterling silver and brass. They feature a cube of sterling silver framed by a square of brass that sticks out about 1/8" and the Artist forms her own ear wires ~ Wrap these up and put them under the tree!


Toni said...

Hello just dropping by. Not sure why you could not see my Entrecard. Sorry.

ShesDaily.com said...

I love the Peace Dove. Great Finds Nancy!
I posted about your unique finds on facebook. I will publish it as well on ShesDaily.com