Shoe Revolt And Wordless Wednesday too!

WW. . . . . . . "Don't Worry ~ Be Happy??!!"


"SHOE REVOLT" is giving a shout-out!! Are you a "Shoeista"?? Help this new for-profit company raise $$$ to help "kick human trafficking of young girls to the curb"~ by donating new and lightly used women's shoes for resale!!!

According to Ateba Crocker (founder of Shoe Revolt) & Meg Rayford (Chief Shoe Raiser) . . . . . . "Profits will be used to directly fund transitional housing, to create scholarship opportunities, and to provide mentoring and support for human trafficking victims. We'll gi
ve new life to these shoes that will, in turn, help give new life to so many young girls. Shoe Revolt will tear down symbols of inhumanity and build them back up into symbols of freedom, creativity, and empowerment!"

Half the proceeds will also go to "GEMS" ("Girls Educational & Mentoring Services") ~ an organization that helps girls rescued from the commercial sex trade. And FYI, any donated shoes from companies that do not meet the standards of manufacturing that Shoe Revolt requires, will be recycled and remade by the victims as part of the
ir rehabilitation!!)

Please help Shoe Revolt get the word out! Donate your Shoes ~ Do a post on your Blog ~ Share the info on Facebook ~ Tell your local newspaper about Shoe Revolt ~ Share with all your friends! The online shoe boutique at Shoerevolt.com will open on august 1st for purchases ~ See you there!!

"Shoe Revolt ~ More than a Shoe, It's a Stand."