Keep Doing your Mammograms Ladies!!

Lots of uproar about the NEW (?????) recommendations coming out this week regarding Mammograms ~ As well there should be! Wait until your 50?? Are you kidding me??!! Tell that to all the people that belong to a fabulous organization here in Virginia called "BEYOND BOOBS"!!
"Their qualifications for membership are simple: You must be a survivor of breast cancer and you must be young (diagnosed before menopause.)
These dynamic women sought each other out because they are a unique subset of their generation, with concerns, fears, and needs foreign to most of their other friends. They share jaunty hats, babysitting services, healthy recipes, much laughter and many tears. With their paradigms not just shifted but fractured and re-set, they have come together to cherish and support one another. They are also passionate advocates for early detection and diagnosis for everyone, whatever their age. All are freshly aware that our tomorrows are not a given and are determined to maximize today and improve the future, both for themselves and for others. Their goal is to reach women on every college campus, newlyweds at the gynecologist's office, and young moms in line at the grocery store!!!"

I am friends with some of these fabulous women and I am also a cancer survivor going on 4 yrs now!! (not breast cancer) This issue is too important to just ignore!! Keep fighting ladies! Check out their website!
Buy a calendar!! Get your Mammograms on time! And send out tons of love and prayers and Strength, Courage and Hope (always HOPE ~ without HOPE we have nothing!!!)


Heather said...

I agree that this is crazy! Thanks for your advice--some women may figure they shouldn't bother. I saw this article this morning as well and I liked the headline:

Limiting Breast Cancer Screening Is An Assault Upon Women.
(See at this link)

I will be writing to my representatives!!!

Julia said...

I was pretty surprised by the article too saying that it could do more harm then good getting them too soon and every year.

Sounds like a great group, thanks for sharing their caring!

Buggys said...

This whole idea is ludicrous! Wait til you're 50...nuts. It will never fly. Is this perhaps how we plan to pay for the new health care reform? By disontinuing needed services and preventative care? How would that be better than legislating against "pre-existing conditions"?

Anonymous said...

Never was one for following the typical advice anyways, would always rather listen to what my body says. ;-)

Thanks so much for visiting our team blog - Inspiration Avenue and for your lovely comment.
All the best♥ Sharon

the wild raspberry said...

thank you so much for your encouraging words today on my blog...that means so very much to me.
have a wonderful evening~

Lin said...

It's the new beginning of Obama's health care plan and gov't taking over! Ugh. Scary, isn't it?

Tammy said...

So glad you came by today to say hello. It is always fun to meet new people and make new friends in blog land whom you may never have had an opportunity to meet otherwise.
Cool blog and love the Chick Flick Friday and the Aloha Fridays!

gagay said...

hi! dropping by! care for exlinks?

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Loving Life in Southern California! said...

Wow! My doctor recommends starting mammograms at age 30! It is crazy how different the standards are. I'm new to your blog - very nice! Following you now!

I am Harriet said...

That report was seriously irresponsible. I went in for a baseline at 40 and they found something!


Jen said...

These guidelines are taking stupidity to the next level. I had a less than 1% chance of cancer (diagnosed at age 40/first mammogram). As long as it doesn't affect them directly, I don't think the politicians and the "powers that be" really care a whole lot. Great post :o)

Cascia said...

Sounds like a great group! Congratulations on beating breast cancer.

Pink Pig said...

What a fantastic group!!!! God bless you all for your efforts