Bebe. . . It's STILL cold outside!!

Need a Mantra for today? I'll Share ~ Mine (for a long time) has been
"Strength, Courage and Hope ~ Everyday Baby!"
Okay ~ I'm waiting for Virginia to warm up already!! In the mean time, while waiting, I found myself at "The Merry Martini" ~ lots of fabulous finds and a fun place to be for sure.

From the Salt/Pepper Shakers to Serving trays to Aprons ~ Special Gifts or just smaller hostess type gifts ~ The Merry Martini has it all. Have fun looking around!


ShesDaily.com said...

Cool Site. I love the finds, they are fabulous and some are really original. Great post!

♥georgie♥ said...

OMGosh what cute stuff they have!!!! i am addin you to my blogroll...hope thats okay

Leigh said...

WHat great things! I love the S& P shakers!!!

Shannon Piserchio said...

Thank you for leaving such lovely and encouraging notes on my blog - I *love* warm fuzzies! If you're ever in Denver, I hope you'll stop by The Nook...

I'm also glad you took the time to leave comments because now I've found *your* blog; it's so pretty and pink and I'm already hooked!

I can't wait to


Lydia said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
I love your blog and I'm subscribing so I can keep up with you. Check back on my etsy shop soon...I am working on finishing up some new items to add. Thanks again!

sexy legs and body said...

Hi, great blog. If you are interested, I would love to x links with you. Please give me a buzz if you are keen.
Regards, Colin