Hope your Valentine's Weekend was fun ~ More February Finds!

Soapbox Bags are created by a designer in Los Angeles and she does them up right! We have a few left ~ so take a look! Soapbox Bags are fun. . . like the Bahama Bag! In Hawaiian Floral cotton/canvas fabric with washable orange nylon interior lined and elastic loops to hold all your possessions, this Bahama Bag by Soapbox Bags is the PERFECT Cosmetics bag or also a great retro looking Clutch! We have marked these down for a Great price! ~Find them at the Chic Boutique!

Or, try The "Jewelry Roll" in Hawaiian Floral Fabric by Soapbox Bags ~ great for keeping all of your sparkly accessories. The interior is made of washable pink nylon and when folded up, you can tie the matching straps around the roll ~ tucks inside any of your bags! Also found at Ollie's Chic Boutique! (And on SALE!!)

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I like this , it is very pretty.