COOL Ideas for a COOL February

In the past few weeks, several friends and customers have gotten these adorable Totes made by Bungalow Scout! They have stuffed with colorful tissue paper and filled with fun items and used as Wedding Shower and Bridesmaid's Gifts! What a COOL idea! Also have 2 friends who ordered these and used as Baby Gifts ~ Filled with all sorts of baby items ~ i.e. pampers, baby wipes, juice etc. and then gave the instructions that these bags were to stay in the car ~ so that with all the hustle and bustle, Baby was always ready to go! What a great idea! Get yours here!


B Boys Mom said...

I'm a bag nut! These are really nice. Love the pockets on the side.

Duni said...

These look great! And they are also useful. They would make a nice picnic bag too...

have a nice weekend!