Wow ~ Another Contest!

Another chance to win something ~ how can you resist? "SunEGirl Loves To Shop" is a great Blog, so hope you will take a peek and also enter her contest! Contest runs from July 17 until midnight on July 31st! Good Luck ~ Grandprize includes all of the following:
500 Entrecard Credits
Italian Charm Bracelet With 5 Charms
125x125 button on her blog for one month
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Amazing, new easy care, packable, crushable "Origami" shirts!

I have had several requests emailed to me regarding the Cool "Origami" tops. So, back by popular demand, here is one more blurb about these shirts! You will LOVE the amazing, new easy care, packable, crushable "Origami" shirts! I bought one (in Tangerine) and got so many compliments! Everyone wanted to know where to get one, so. . . . . Here you go: They are NOW available at OLLIE MCKAY'S Chic Boutique ~ Take a peek ~ Click on Pic for Info! Great for after Golf, these tops look good with jeans or good slacks and for traveling, you can't beat the easy care. They come in different colors and are available in 3/4 Sleeves or short sleeve. I also really love the black and white one!


Yummy Fun Jewelry!

Etsy has some fabulous, creative artists ~ If you haven't been there, PLEASE take a peek! One of my favorite things to browse for is jewelry and there is a huge selection on Etsy for any style you can imagine. One very cool Etsy site is "Out of The Pink Sky"! This artist also has a wonderful Blog called Out of The Pink Sky ~ "About my life and work as a jewelry designer" She is having her first Blog Giveaway right now ~ a random drawing will be held August 14. The give-away will be this fabulous pendant entitled "Helena." Check it out! Someone has to win ~ could it be you??!!


Pin-Up Lip Balms and MORE

Pin-Up Lip Balms ~ OK Girly Girls ~ Ya gotta try this stuff ~ It's awesome ~ REALLY!!! Little things that won't break the bank account, but they WILL make you feel wonderful!! I know I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I love this Lip Balm ~ for summer, you can't find anything more fun! Not a bad bargain at $4.00 ea.

Ballmania Lip Balm . . . . Well, OK . . . . there are some that look like just as much fun; however, I haven't actually tried them, soooo. . . .you're on your own if you decide to purchase!

With a SPF of 20 and $4.99 ea. ~ you can have lots of fun with these!

Badger Lip Balm . . .Say what???? I have it on good authority from a trustworthy source that this stuff is awesome. They sound "delicious", so I'm thinking they would feel wonderful on your lips and skin. These are a little more at $5.75 ea but they look worth it, don't you think??!!


It's Not All About Shopping!

Okay, "Girls Who Shop and Girls Who Golf" ~ while we do LOVE to Shop and some of us also love to Golf, we all know the basic concept of truly being grateful for each day of life we are given and each breath we take! In my golf readings this past week, I ran across some articles on an amazing man. (The best one was from the magazine "Executive Golfer".) His name is Jon Huntsman. His family includes his wife, 9 children and 56 grandchildren! He has written some marvelous books; including Winners Never Cheat and one subtitled Everyday Values We Learned as Children (But May Have Forgotten)!

The following are some of the best thoughts and themes that Mr. Huntsman has tried to give to people to help them live their lives by! *(Courtesy of The Publisher's Page, August 2008, Executive Golfer Magazine) These are very inspirational and yet at the same time, seem so simple! I hope each of you finds something that you can take from this little blurb and apply to your daily life ~ and encourage your children to do the same!

"Keep your word ~ Play by the Rules ~ Graciousness is next to godliness ~ Check you moral compass (often) ~ Know the obligation "To Give Back"!!

"Listening to people; paying attention to and respecting individuals no matter their particular station in life; seeking fulfillment not from a financial bottom line, but rather, from an abundant personal inventory of values that can inspire others and the world around you!"

Here's to the goodness in all of us ~ Happy Monday!


Golf Humor and Cool Golf Shoes

OKAY ~ First the Cool golf shoes and then the humor!!

If you are in need of some COOL new golf shoes for the summer ~ PLEASE take a look at Ebay.com ~ You will fund an abundance of brand new shoes at such GREAT prices!
In the Search browser, just type "golf shoes womens 7" (i.e. substitute "mens" or your own size) ~ I would love to hear from anyone that has tried these Croc Golf Shoes - they look very comfortable!

You have all heard of David Feherty ~ a former PGA tour member & now a writer and broadcaster. The following blurb was taken from one of his speeches and is sure to make you laugh! . . . . . Sorry it is rather long, but it is an excellent read!

"On the 14 years since CBS colleague Gary McCord was banned from the Masters: "They don't do comedy at the Masters. The Masters, for me, is like holding onto a really big collection of gas for a week. It's like having my buttocks surgically clenched at Augusta General Hospital on Wednesday, and surgically unclenched on Monday on the way to Hilton Head." ~ On his decision to give up his playing career in favor of a microphone: "When CBS came to me and asked me to do on-course commentary, I said, 'You know, I'm only 37, I still have hopes of [playing] a little better.' So they told me what they were going to pay me, and I said, 'You want to buy a set of clubs?' ~ On giving up alcohol: "I didn't quit drinking because I was a bad drunk. I quit because I was a spectacular drunk. It got to be like a video game, where you get to the highest level and it's not even a challenge." ~ On McCord's recent revelation, at the annual JCC Sports Awards banquet in Vancouver, that Tiger Woods' caddy Steve Williams and Feherty often try to outdo one another on the course in the area of flatulence, Feherty said: "Tiger is no slouch himself: "He can lay 'em down like a crop duster." On Gary Player's unsubstantiated suggestion last year about use of performance-enhancing drugs in pro golf: "Gary thinks he invented fitness because he used to do pushups on the airplane. He's just upset because you can't win a major any more with a low, flat hook and a Napoleon complex." ~ On the poor life advice Michelle Wie's parents have given the teenage phenom: "She could be adopted by Britney Spears and be better off. I want my 16-year-old daughter to have an enormous phone bill, a case of the giggles and to be pissed off at me for killing her first three boyfriends. I do not want her out on Tour under that kind of pressure." ~ On Phil Mickelson: >> "Phil is brilliant, but he's nuts. There's something not quite right about that boy. Phil is watching a movie that only Phil can see. His mother told me: "Phil was so clumsy as a little boy, we had to put a football helmet on him until he was four because he kept bumping into things.' I told her, 'Mary, Mary, I 'm a writer, you can't keep handing me material like this!!!' ~ So the next time I saw Phil I said, 'You didn't really wear a football helmet in the house until you were four, did you?' He said, 'It was more like five.' ~ On Tiger Woods: The first time he ever watched Woods play, Feherty examined the lie Tiger had in the trees, where he'd hit the ball into deep rough alongside a large root, and said on-air that the only available play was to wedge out sideways ~ Tiger promptly hit a towering 200-plus-yard, sweeping slice with a 2-iron that rolled to within 12 feet of the flag. "I just stood there watching him walk past," Feherty said, "and thinking, I don't know what that is, but I know there weren't two of them on Noah's Ark."


Happy 4th of July

Wow ~ June just scooted right on by! Has been a very hectic Spring and early Summer here, so I promise once I get back from our upcoming holiday wk-end . . . to start bring you some great new Convo for your body, spirit and checkbook!!

For the beach goers or anyone in need of a great way to keep track of the time this summer, better check out the
COOL Martini Clock and Crab Clock at Ollie Mckay's Chic Boutique! These are "Cut-outs" and what a deal on them right now!!

Stay cool and stay sweet as you celebrate the Fourth of July and let us be very grateful for this nation that we live in!!