It's Not All About Shopping!

Okay, "Girls Who Shop and Girls Who Golf" ~ while we do LOVE to Shop and some of us also love to Golf, we all know the basic concept of truly being grateful for each day of life we are given and each breath we take! In my golf readings this past week, I ran across some articles on an amazing man. (The best one was from the magazine "Executive Golfer".) His name is Jon Huntsman. His family includes his wife, 9 children and 56 grandchildren! He has written some marvelous books; including Winners Never Cheat and one subtitled Everyday Values We Learned as Children (But May Have Forgotten)!

The following are some of the best thoughts and themes that Mr. Huntsman has tried to give to people to help them live their lives by! *(Courtesy of The Publisher's Page, August 2008, Executive Golfer Magazine) These are very inspirational and yet at the same time, seem so simple! I hope each of you finds something that you can take from this little blurb and apply to your daily life ~ and encourage your children to do the same!

"Keep your word ~ Play by the Rules ~ Graciousness is next to godliness ~ Check you moral compass (often) ~ Know the obligation "To Give Back"!!

"Listening to people; paying attention to and respecting individuals no matter their particular station in life; seeking fulfillment not from a financial bottom line, but rather, from an abundant personal inventory of values that can inspire others and the world around you!"

Here's to the goodness in all of us ~ Happy Monday!

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