Pin-Up Lip Balms and MORE

Pin-Up Lip Balms ~ OK Girly Girls ~ Ya gotta try this stuff ~ It's awesome ~ REALLY!!! Little things that won't break the bank account, but they WILL make you feel wonderful!! I know I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I love this Lip Balm ~ for summer, you can't find anything more fun! Not a bad bargain at $4.00 ea.

Ballmania Lip Balm . . . . Well, OK . . . . there are some that look like just as much fun; however, I haven't actually tried them, soooo. . . .you're on your own if you decide to purchase!

With a SPF of 20 and $4.99 ea. ~ you can have lots of fun with these!

Badger Lip Balm . . .Say what???? I have it on good authority from a trustworthy source that this stuff is awesome. They sound "delicious", so I'm thinking they would feel wonderful on your lips and skin. These are a little more at $5.75 ea but they look worth it, don't you think??!!


Anonymous said...

I love the Pin Up Lip Balm. I have the Mocha in my purse now! So great! Bliss for your Lips!

Mekhismom said...

The ballmania lip balm looks so cute. I wonder if it works as well as it looks. I have to try it.