Fun Summer Finds. . . . ."Take 1"

Wow ~ Summer fun has begun ~ Starting up our Summer Finds again ~ Hope you'll love our first choices!

My newest purchase!! It came matted and ready to frame! Already hanging up and it looks amazing in my kitchen/dining area! :) This fabulous print is
by Marty Husted! One of her originals is next on my Wishlist! Please see all of her amazing work for sale at:
Etsy Shop ~ "Art Essence"


JELLY SHOES by F-Troupe ~ Simple yet fun "bathing shoe". . .or your "anything you want it to be" shoe ~ perfect for any weather in Jelly Pink, Jelly Turquoise or Jelly Black! Rubber upper and sole with lace up front and side cut out detail. These are all the rage in Great Britain and sell for $40.00 ~ F-Troup Jelly Shoes are sized in European shoe sizes!



Anonymous said...

These are so much cooler than the jelly shoes of my youth. They are like tennis shoes/jelly. I wonder if they are comfy. Very cute!

Anne said...

Those shoes are so cute. Can they be worn in the water like the old jelly shoes?

Debbie said...

Rarely do I see art online and click right over but I did with this one. I love it!

Silver Strands said...

Wow - what a GREAT artistic piece!

sandy said...

Love the print! Makes me want a glass of wine, though it's a bit early in the day for that. lol

I keep thinking those jellies will go away. They are so bad for people's feet, but they keep coming back. I have one pair of clogs that are rubber that I can wear for very short periods if I'm doing something dirty and messy in the yard before my feet feel like their on fire. Rubber is soooooooooooo hot, I can't figure out why people think they're comfortable.

Happy 4th to you and yours.

Evergreen Thoughts said...

nice color for jelly shoes&i like the print.Wow - what a GREAT artistic piece!


Candice said...

I love that first pic. It is really stunning. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy ww!