Highlighted in Weekly Blogmania Post!

ShesDaily.com has highlighted our very own Ollie McKay's Blog in their weekly blogomania post ~ WooHoo! Thanks Mara and ShesDaily.com! Appreciate the attention ~ something we can all use a little more of ~ right??!! ShesDaily.com is a great place to visit for the Insider's Guide to what women are doing online ~ Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Style, Gifts, Travel and more. Get their widget & stay up to date on all that's hip! Happy over the hump day!


Be The Ball and more!

Golf Gals ~ You will love these ball markers! And for those of you who don't golf, but know someone who does ~ what a Fab gift idea! Click here "BE THE BALL~Gifts 4 U" to check out their website for all the cool stuff ~ Hat Clips & Ball Markers, Towels, Partyware, Sunglasses, Bling, Headcovers and lots more!

The little party tins are also so cute! Filled with Mints, Fruity Candy or golf tees & divot tool, they make a cool gift or tourney prize!

Love those Crystal Nail Files?? Then be sure to check out "95 & Sunny Glass Nail Files" ~ They have many styles to choose from, but my favorites are the small crystal nail files with tons of hand-painted pictures to choose from. For the golf gals, it would have to be this one!
And don't forget the Bag/Luggage Tags from "OLLIE MCKAY'S CHIC BOUTIQUE" ~ These are so much fun and look great tied onto a gift bag or wine bottle too! This one says "She Who Loves Golf" and is only $6.50!



Good Morning! I am going in a totally different direction for this morning. If you came here today looking for shopping or golfing tips, it is not what you'll find! But I hope you'll stay and read on ~ and maybe even become involved in"Healing The Children"! (Click here for more info on this organization!)

My sister is presently on her 5th (!!) trip to El Salvador as a recovery team nurse on a team of medical professionals who are part of "Healing The Children" ~ a nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to healing children in the United States and around the world! Check out this team's Blog and see the wonderful things they are able to accomplish in a week's time! "Healing the Children El Salvador 2008" ~ Way to go Sissy and her team ~ Thanks for what you do!!!


Jewelry you DESERVE to own!

You deserve to own some pieces of incredible jewelry that make you feel like a star! I think we all should treat ourselves a few times in our lives to something very special ~ for me, this will be a piece from the collection of Wendy Newman Jewelry! While attending the "Occasion of the Arts" show in Virginia last year, I came across some of the most incredible jewelry I had ever seen. One artist in particular stood out ~ Wendy Newman Jewelry, out of Moab, Utah. Because her jewelry was a little pricey, I opted not to purchase any that day. Earlier this Spring, one of my friends showed up at a gathering with a beautiful necklace and I knew immediately it was a Wendy Newman design ~ and she was impressed that I knew the designer! I will be able to attend one of her shows this fall and I can't wait ~ saving all my birthday money this year for my special purchase to start my own collection of this awesome jewelry. My personal favorites are her necklaces in the "Component Collection in Silver and Gold"! So take a peek here at some of Wendy's jewelry and if ya have a few minutes, take the time to check out her website ~ It is "WendyNewmanJewelry.com" ! The selection of pieces includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants and pins ~ Enjoy and happy shopping!