Jewelry you DESERVE to own!

You deserve to own some pieces of incredible jewelry that make you feel like a star! I think we all should treat ourselves a few times in our lives to something very special ~ for me, this will be a piece from the collection of Wendy Newman Jewelry! While attending the "Occasion of the Arts" show in Virginia last year, I came across some of the most incredible jewelry I had ever seen. One artist in particular stood out ~ Wendy Newman Jewelry, out of Moab, Utah. Because her jewelry was a little pricey, I opted not to purchase any that day. Earlier this Spring, one of my friends showed up at a gathering with a beautiful necklace and I knew immediately it was a Wendy Newman design ~ and she was impressed that I knew the designer! I will be able to attend one of her shows this fall and I can't wait ~ saving all my birthday money this year for my special purchase to start my own collection of this awesome jewelry. My personal favorites are her necklaces in the "Component Collection in Silver and Gold"! So take a peek here at some of Wendy's jewelry and if ya have a few minutes, take the time to check out her website ~ It is "WendyNewmanJewelry.com" ! The selection of pieces includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants and pins ~ Enjoy and happy shopping!


Goldtone Designs said...

Beautiful Pieces!

rockcreekcreations said...

Her work is very beautiful! Such simplicity but it still looks so nice!