Good Morning! I am going in a totally different direction for this morning. If you came here today looking for shopping or golfing tips, it is not what you'll find! But I hope you'll stay and read on ~ and maybe even become involved in"Healing The Children"! (Click here for more info on this organization!)

My sister is presently on her 5th (!!) trip to El Salvador as a recovery team nurse on a team of medical professionals who are part of "Healing The Children" ~ a nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to healing children in the United States and around the world! Check out this team's Blog and see the wonderful things they are able to accomplish in a week's time! "Healing the Children El Salvador 2008" ~ Way to go Sissy and her team ~ Thanks for what you do!!!


Patricia said...

That is so awesome. Your sister and her team are truly unsung heroes.

Heather said...

People like your "Sissy" are the ones who really make a difference. How proud you must be.

Love the blog. I'll be back!!

Lady Lynn's Boutique said...

Wonderful Post!!!!
I am sure you are proud of her and her dedication to helping others. After all...to me that is what life is all about. Thanks for sharing these great photos.

OrianaVianey said...

Your sister is awesome. I'm here in El Salvador and I meet her. She is one of the sweetest person I've ever knew.

We are very thankful for all the things they are doing here

Kristen Andrews said...

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Channah said...

What an awesome organization to be involved with. That's wonderful!