Meet the Peepers!

Calling all Moms ~ Meet the Peepers! Looking for something bright, funny and different for your little ones. . . or just looking for that perfect gift that will make someone smile? Look no further. "We The Peepers" has just what you're looking for!

The whimsical Peeper creatures are the creation of two creative sisters who also love to give back to children's causes! These bright, colorful "Peepers" can be currently be ordered on Peeper onesies, Toddler t-shirts, towels, stationery, receiving blankets and as prints! Brighten everyone’s day with a Peeper - guaranteed smiles are waiting! Find your Peeper at: "We The Peepers.com".

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Shelly said...

Those are adorable. I have a couple friends that just had babies and I think I'll order them each a onsie. Thanks for the tip.